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Job Cases: Harmonizing Fujifilm and medwork brand identities.

Job Cases: Harmonizing Fujifilm and medwork brand identities.

In 2019, our long-standing customer Fujifilm acquired the German company medwork (a developer and manufacturer of Endoscopy instruments). This acquisition significantly expanded Fujifilm's endoscopy offering. In addition to offering equipment required for examinations (such as endoscopes, processors, and software) FUJIFILM medwork GmbH can now provide consumables for endoscopic procedures.


While Fujifilm is generally known for its factual, product-oriented communication, medwork has a more emotional approach with visual and text based analogies. Fujifilm entrusted medicalvision with the task of creatively harmonizing these two contrasting brand identities while avoiding an abrupt departure from the existing corporate tones of voice.


The development of a new, overarching brand identity aimed to merge these unique communication strategies, providing a visual and content direction that both partners could identify with. In collaboration with a rebrand team composed of company representatives as well as an external consultant, a revised brand concept was devised. The new concept combines established elements, emotional imagery, and medical precision while remaining applicable to all channels and materials.

Since then, medicalvision has successfully designed for exhibitions and conferences, as well as produced catalogs, advertisements, brochures, banners, and more featuring the new design concept.