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Medicalvision on the road-Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub

Medicalvision on the road-Fujifilm Open Innovation Hub

Innovation in Compact Spaces
Recently, a team from medicalvision’s MedTech department had the opportunity to visit the Innovation Hub of our client Fujifilm in Ratingen, Germany. This visit proved to be a remarkable experience, given the forward-thinking presentation format and content showcased.

Fujifilm Ventures into the Future
The multimedia presentation by a Fujifilm expert was fascinating, blending futuristic elements with real insights into research. Impressively, it reiterated the numerous innovative approaches and exciting technologies, which, alongside other fields like security, consumer goods, cosmetics, also pertain to medical technology—which is medicalvision’s primary focus.

Keeping Goals Firmly in Sight
We also learned about Fujifilm's beginnings in 1934 and gained insight into the company's plans and objectives for both the present and future. A significant element, for example, is the company's commitment to sustainability—with the aim of being 100% carbon neutral by 2040.


See for Yourself
While our photos cannot fully capture the quality of the presentation, they can provide a glimpse into our experience. If you wish to learn more, you can experience the Innovation Hub through films and additional information at Fujifilm Europe - Open Innovation Hub. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Diana Kasper for the invitation and to Adam Mezei for his expertise, which provided us with a deeper insight into Fujifilm's innovation ecosystem.