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Jutta under the microscope

Jutta under the microscope

Jutta Güldenhaupt has been a project manager with the medicalvision team since 2006. She was born in Paderborn, a city about halfway between Dortmund and Hannover where she lived until graduating from school and pursuing advanced studies at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Combining a knowledge and affinity for biology mixed with a sense of detail when working on projects or consultations is par for the course for Jutta. She holds a PhD in natural sciences with a specialization in the field of neuroscience. Such a background gives her the ability to approach projects from unique and informed perspectives that may not be apparent to others and in so doing makes herself a highly valued member of the medicalvision team.

Jutta is also a mother of two sons and has, thus far, successfully managed to combine a successful career with being a mom. In our interview, we asked her how one manages to accomplish both of these challenges. Jutta simply responded that having support from family and friends was essential for her to achieve success in both her professional and family life.

We also asked her about something she doesn’t have in common with many others, her ownership of a donkey. Jakob the donkey was adopted to give the Güldenhaupt pony that they had at the time, Darko, some company. Unfortunately, Darko passed away about a year after Jakob’s arrival. But through her experience with Jakob, Jutta learned that the commonly held reputation of donkeys being overly stubborn and independent was true. Despite this trait, she says that donkeys are also incredibly loyal. During our interview, Jutta gave us a little “Donkey Tip”: if you want to make a donkey move or go somewhere, hold a carrot in front of its nose and it will (usually) go wherever you lead it in the hopes of getting that treat! But keep in mind, they are really stubborn, so if they are really “in a mood”, even a sack of carrots might not persuade them.

When asked to describe herself, Jutta describes herself as impatient but also funny and caring. We also asked Jutta what skill she would like to acquire “one day”. Her answer? To become an accomplished rock climber.

We also asked her how much of her life is “project managed”, Jutta replied “24%. The rest… well that’s just chaos!” Despite this bit of self-deprecating humor, her impressive track record at medicalvision suggests otherwise!

Jutta is a great example of both responsibility and dedication in both her professional and personal life. And we are glad Jutta has a humorous outlook, which can be vital when dealing with difficult or complex tasks thrown your way by either career or personal life; luckily Jutta has plenty of wit and charm up her sleeve to keep her both sane and effective. With 16 years and counting at medicalvision, there’s little doubt she will continue making customers happy for years to come.