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Trend research on the #dmexco

Trend research on the #dmexco

On the first day of the digital marketing exposition & conference medicalvision was on the Internet Technology Fair in Cologne in order to see what trends we can expect in the near future: What might happen in the digital world? What do companies and brands have to keep an eye on?

You can like dmexco or deem it completely unnecessary – at least in the social media channels both voices can be heard. And in the halls of exhibitors you almost get the feeling you are at the refrigerated isles of a supermarket: 1 product from 50 providers. Finding your way around wasn’t easy. In stark contrast, the seminars were a lot more interesting:

"Brand Management in the Digital Era - practical examples", led by the GWA (association of communications agencies), gave some very fascinating insights. Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Christian Rätsch showed completed projects on how and where you can start as a brand. The central issue, is the added value of the offer. They point out that marketers first priority should be to facilitate the daily life of consumers. In another lecture an inspirational Melanie Wagner, from the social media agency elbkind, reported on how to establish an absolutely unusual product with a comprehensive listing and authentic images.

The BVDW seminar “Digital transformation at point of sale - 'The Next Big Thing' in retail," was particularly interesting for us at medicalvision. What does the future of PoS look like and how will it work in the future? How can brands shape it? In particular, the Insights of Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer of Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH were widely appreciated by the dmexco audience. Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH go many unusual ways and create many challenges even when there is seemingly no guarantee for success: The trials and errors as a marketing tool from a top player, who is always looking for some added value and a convenience aspect for the consumer.

A real insight into digital business towards the end of the day was “Advanced TV - The Future of Programmatic in your Living Room“, which will continue to grow rapidly in the near future. Companies such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, or with maxdome in Germany will continue to change our TV behavior. Jeff Green, CEO of The Trade Desk, passed on impressions of the US market, which can be transferred to the D-A-CH region easily. The general context of the digital industry: "Anything that can be digitized, will be digitized also." can be similarly formulated for TV. Accordingly, streaming will determine the TV world of the future - and this trend will influence work on the shape of advertising and finance. According to Jeff Green, TV is facing the biggest change since the transition from black & white to colour.

From a marketers point of view the trip was definitely worth it. The daily grind in our offices rarely allows the chance for such a specific, concentrated exchange. We can get an idea of what visions there are within the industry and what is actually being implemented, what consumers expect in the future and, of course, where we ourselves and our customers stand.

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