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Free illustrations of the Ebola virus

Free illustrations of the Ebola virus

For several months now, these germs have been keeping the medicine world in suspense. It was thought that the 2014 epidemic was over, but then the media reported new cases of the disease.

The core of all research consists of an understanding of the problem or interaction between different elements. medicalvision builds imagery and is right at home within the healthcare industry. For this reason, we have an Ebola virus illustrating – at high resolution, how it is structured. Glycoproteins, viral membrane, matrix proteins, RNA polymerase L, nucleocapsid proteins, nucleoproteins or single-stranded RNA can be made visible.

A series of images are readily available and may be used for all media when credited with 
‘© medicalvision’.

Download a ZIP file with the above illustrations with 4000 x 2250 Pixels (28 Mb – download starts immediately). Perhaps you have comments or ideas to our model of the Ebola virus? If so, we would be more than delighted to hear your suggestions. Simply e-mail – or tweet @medicalvisionDE.