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Christoph and Rainer: Celebrating 20 Years at medicalvision

Christoph and Rainer: Celebrating 20 Years at medicalvision

Medicalvision’s own Christoph Pionk and Rainer Ekkert are celebrating 20 years with us! Uwe Peters, the owner and CEO of medicalvision  showed his appreciation for their loyalty by sending them together with their spouses on an extended weekend to Timmendorfer Strand in the north of Germany. Uwe made sure everything was taken care of, hotel, travel and even a couple extra days of vacation for this milestone!

Rainer Ekkert (R): Father and husband, has been at medicalvision for 20 years in our 3D team. But it wasn’t planned this way, at the age of 18, Rainer completed training to work as a goldsmith. At the time he could not have imagined that he would work the next twenty years as a 3D illustrator for an agency catering to the medical industry.


Christoph Pionk (C): A graphic designer with a traditional illustration education. Christoph enjoys not only creating 3D animation and illustration, but also likes to illustrate and animate without 3D software. Since his training to become a media specialist he also enjoys educating others (in illustration) and enjoys seeing trainees develop and flourish. After working primarily for medtech clientele, Christoph now supports medicalvision’s cosmetic team and takes care of customers with videos, retouching and animations. From first drafts / 3D mockups, layouts, to final print files, it is a lot of fun for him to see the results and products he has worked on through to the end.

We asked both of our 20 years celebrants several questions to get a look behind both their thinking and their personalities.


medicalvision (mv): How did you get started at medicalvision?

R: Uwe (the owner of medicalvision) and I knew each other. We studied together for 5 years in Düsseldorf. After that, we both started freelancing as airbrush artists. The contact remained. At one point Uwe founded the agency and I joined later.


mv: How did you discover your interest in 3D?

R: Early on I got excited seeing the realism in fantastic films that could be made using 3D. So, I wanted to learn how to do that too.

C: (I developed the interest) with my second computer – an Amiga 500 running at 7 MHz and 16 colors; renderings took forever... A lot has advanced since then, but the fascination remained.


mv: What is your favorite project here that you worked on?

R: The animated representation of an aortic valve, including its functionality...


mv: Do you think advertising agencies will offer or use more 3D media in the future?

R: Absolutely. Film production is still leading the way. A lot of work is done here (in filmmaking) with Green Screen. It will be the same with us. Eventually, artists in agencies will also replace photographers.

C: Yes, of course, the world is becoming more and more digital, and three-dimensional media will be in increasing demand because it offers so many possibilities.


mv: What do you like best about your job?

R: Always finding the best solution for each task with something new and individual.

C: The many different tasks and customers. Over the last few years, I had the opportunity to develop my creativity and to learn an incredible amount from different media. Starting 20 years ago with the programming of CD ROMs, continuing with the creation of DVDs, 2D and 3D illustrations and 3D animations for medicine and cosmetics, for a wide variety of media. But the most important thing are my colleagues here.


mv: What software do you work with in your job?

R: Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Maxon Cinema 4D, After Effects, etc.

C: With my head... No, seriously; software is just a tool. I use Photoshop, AfterEffects, Cinema4D and Indesign.


mv: What kind of illustrations get your heart pumping?

R: Both (hand-drawn and digital) actually if executed well.

mv: What was the most difficult project you ever worked on?

R: To animate the beforementioned aortic valve. But there was also an illustration for a

30-meter-long streetcar at 50% scale on cardboard, using airbrush.


mv: What are the most common client requests?

R: Product presentations and animation for medical technology and cosmetics. What something looks like in detail and how it works, reproducing the didactic presentation of processes.

C: Can we get it (the project) today?


mv: Do you need medical knowledge to work as a 3D illustrator at medicalvision?

R: In any case, it is helpful in order to be able to orient yourself more quickly. For example, if I know roughly how the processes in the knee work, I can understand the particular task more quickly and I can also communicate better with the customer. Logical and spatial thinking don’t hurt either.

C: Of course, medical knowledge is an advantage, but curiosity, motivation and creativity are enough.


mv: Do you have any advice for budding 3D illustrators out there?

R: Definitely, learn... learn... learn... persevere, be enthusiastic... and even more importantly... never lose interest in learning.

C: Of course: open your eyes! For example, when looking at an object or shape, look at the shape shadow, the drop shadow, the texture, and the material composition.


mv: Do you have any particular hobbies that no one would expect you to have?

R: I play guitar and bass, but I don't know if that's surprising... of course, taking care of the instruments is part of that. And I like to do mountain tours, on foot or with a bike.

C: In my free time, I like to ride bikes, it doesn't matter what kind, mountain, racing, or folding bike. It helps me clear my head. Model building is a kind of meditation. Dealing with small things and details is really relaxing to me. The use of airbrush, paint and various materials is basically nothing more than painting and modeling in true 3D space. Since my daughter is self-employed, I do a lot with my wife, and we like to spend our summer weekends camping in Datteln. But are always happy when our daughter still comes with us.


mv: Are you a dog or a cat person?

C: I guess I’m both.


mv: Which pet would do you have or would you like to have?

C: Hmm, I would like to have parakeet or even a hippopotamus.


mv: Timmendorfer Strand – have you been there before?

C: No, I haven't been there yet and I'm very excited to see what awaits me.

Und worauf freust du dich am meisten?


mv: And what are you looking forward to the most?

C: A bit of relaxation, nature and the sea.

Hopefully our two celebrants gave you some insight into their experiences in medical 3D illustration. 3D illustration and animation is a creative, often small-scale activity requiring a lot of patience, imagination and a “good eye”. Tasks are varied, creative and exciting! So exciting, in fact, that the fascination can result in employment relationships lasting more than 20 years - which is of course appreciated by us here at medicalvision.


A simple thank you is not enough to show the gratitude to these two for the many years and successful projects they put together. Rainer and Christoph have more than earned their token of our appreciation - a five-day holiday at the beautiful Timmendorfer Strand (including travel and hotel). We are proud that medicalvision has long-standing relationships with customers and employees (And of course, we also know they will come back with renewed energy and wonderful ideas)!