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Our Services: The Power of Print

Our Services: The Power of Print

It is not uncommon to hear claims that print is either dead or dying, but the facts do not support such claims. While advertising in digital media has experienced exponential growth over the past decade or more, a smart marketing manager recognizes the value of leveraging both digital and print platforms. Print remains highly relevant today, with brochures, magazines, flyers, and catalogues serving as essential tools of communication that consistently prove their effectiveness even in a highly digitized world.


The most successful marketing strategies are often hybrids that combine both print and digital communication. Print advertising offers a significant advantage over digital when it comes to brand recall. In fact, studies show that people claim they are 77% more likely to remember a brand from print communication compared to digital , and an impressive 82% of consumers say they feel that they can trust print advertising and communication1.


For over 30 years, medicalvision has been engaging people through the power of print. From crafting product catalogues and brochures to creating intricate illustrations and adverts for magazines and journals, our dedicated team of art directors and project managers work closely with our clients to ensure that all print communication accurately reflects not only your company's brand identity but also the intended message and tone of voice for your target audience.