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Hybrid Medical Congresses

Hybrid Medical Congresses


What do we mean when we speak about a “Hybrid Congress”? In short it is a congress that combines a live in-person even with a virtual online component. And what is the advantage of such a congress you might ask? And is such a congress still relevant in the context of Corona? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Not every healthcare professional, whether physician, nurse, specialist, buyer or even student has the time or the budget to attend a physical event. This is the beauty of the virtual congress. With it, you have a platform that opens up the content of the congress to a wider audience. Important events and lectures can be made available in the form of transcripts, podcasts, in video format or in live sessions. The possibility of positioning a product better and to a broader audience is possible. And after the congress, this platform can remain online and even grow and expand to incorporate more content than originally planned. A virtual congress has no expiration date. It can always be up-to-date and subsequent congresses can add to and even expand your platform.






All this means that a company can utilize virtual congresses to establish and expand your service offering over a long period of time, potentially years, that will build the foundation for strong customer loyalty. This can be achieved by integrating state-of-the-art technology, such as 360° video live sessions broadcast from the congress center or even sprinkled throughout the year from your own cath lab (as an example). This technology is still in its infancy but expect it to grow and become more attractive as companies like Apple, Google or Facebook come to market with increasingly practical and comfortable mixed reality glasses. Opportunities will emerge that facilitate the ability to have meetings, workshops, and other types of gatherings with colleagues and peers that will go beyond the scope of what we expect in today’s video chats. Participants may finally have the real feeling of sharing a physical space together despite being hundreds, or even thousands, of kilometers apart in reality. Distances will feel less significant and such meetings are environmentally friendly and help drive us closer to becoming climate neutral. We are truly looking at a new format for engaging people.

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Author: Uwe Peters