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Are virtual exhibitions still relevant now that COVID restrictions are easing?

Are virtual exhibitions still relevant now that COVID restrictions are easing?

Now that much of the world is easing COVID restrictions and travel is freer than it has been for the last two years, does it make sense to jump back to the way things were pre-pandemic? Are virtual exhibitions still a smart way to conduct sales, network with customers, and promote your products?

The truth is that while much of the world is opening up again, there are still hurdles to going back to the way things used to be. The cost of materials and travel has jumped because of supply chain issues and the war in Ukraine. Many countries are still in some form of lockdown due to COVID, and many people are simply uncomfortable travelling the way they did just two years ago.

So virtual and hybrid exhibitions are, and will continue to be, a good option not only now, but long-term. They also make sense for companies wanting to promote products but struggling with budgets that don’t go as far as they used to. Virtual events are often significantly less expensive than in-person experiences (depending on the technology involved). They allow you to save money on staff, venue, booth construction, lodging, meals, travel costs, etc. The primary things virtual exhibition organizers must consider are programming and hosting costs (or sign-up fees for professionally organized digital events).

Planners can also save a lot of time on logistics when hosting a virtual event compared to a live one. Although virtual events require planning time (e.g. design and programming, website, registration, event marketing, and promotion, etc.) and may require extra coordination with speakers or presenters, it’s often far less than an in-person event. In short, virtual events are a great option for companies facing budget constraints, need a quicker turnaround time and/or want to ensure greater ease of attendance for international audiences. And one final consideration often overlooked is the reusability of virtual exhibitions. Once you have a programmed, finished exhibition stand, it need not be discarded at the end of your event but can be used and reused as often as you like, sometimes it may require small to moderate changes to update it, but rarely will it require a brand new design from the ground up.

Virtual exhibitions give companies the opportunity to showcase their portfolio to a large audience worldwide in a time- and cost-efficient manner. This is benefiting, and not just during a pandemic. If your company is looking for options to enter new markets or expand your customer base, virtual trade shows can make a difference.

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