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Malcolm in the middle

Malcolm in the middle

Permit us to introduce Malcolm!

 Malcom is our newest employee and works closely with the designers on our cosmetics team. Although he’s not quite up to speed about image processing or how to design a campaign for L’Óreal, he has impressive skills when it comes to chewing on sticks and is sensational at tracking down the source of tempting smells, especially around lunch time.

Although Malcolm loves long walks, he is also happy to allow his colleagues to give him a good scratch behind the ears at the end of a long work day when he is exhausted from performing so many demanding tasks! At that point in the day, he is looking forward to the soft sofa waiting for him at home.

Malcolm, as you can plainly see, is a festive employee. He dressed up for this special day, and would like, together with the rest of the medicalvision team, to wish you a happy Halloween! (Doesn't he look adorable?)