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Who is Pascal Becker? The energetic young PM behind your project!

Who is Pascal Becker? The energetic young PM behind your project!

My name is Pascal Becker. I work at medicalvision in beautiful Essen, Werden (in Germany).

If you have an office job where you sit in front of a computer most of the day, it is difficult to move your body. Incorporating even a small habit into your daily routine where you force your body to move, I believe is really helpful.

As part of the project management team, I would describe my primary task as information processing. I condense and assess all the information that comes from our clients. Then I analyse their needs and any issues they might have, and think about developing appropriate solution proposals. This means I have to check with our in-house experts what kind of solutions we can offer that will solve our clients’ problems.

Prior to joining medicalvision, I studied international business management. Although I am from Aachen, Germany, I had the opportunity to study abroad at Tennessee Tech in the United States and Ritsumeikan Daigaku in Japan. Meeting a number of different personalities from cultures all around the globe really ignited the desire to work in a company with an international client base. Communication is certainly one of the key ingredients to deliver great results and one of the most important aspects in our work.

A lot has changed since the pandemic started. I joined the team when we had a lot of video calls and were doing work through text and email and other types of remote communication instead of having face-to-face meetings. Over the last few months, things changed. I realised that face-to-face communication, not only with our customers, but especially within our team, is an integral part of the work we do. Communicating frequently and talking about issues that might arise but also over the general states of projects and processes is key.

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